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DocuBank is a powerful enterprise document management software to capture, manage, and share paper and digital documents. It lets you improve the end results with increased efficiency and teamwork, and reduce risk associated with the paper documents.

Protect your Documents from disasters (Fire, Natural Calamities etc)
DocuBank is the Digital Archiving & Document Management Software that converts your Physical Document into Digital form and protects them from disasters as well as unauthorized access. You can keep the backup of the digital documents (on CDs or DVDs etc) on a remote location to avoid total loss of the documents (off site backup).

Search your Document Instantly
Time is money for every business. It saves hours consumed in searching for a document in record-room or file-cabinets (human resource cost) and decreases opportunity cost by providing the document right away on which the managers can take immediate decisions.
The documents are saved with the customizable Index Fields which makes the search instant. It is also coupled with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system that enables you to search your physical documents on the basis of the text they contain. On an average, a user can find his/her required document in less than 10 seconds.

Save Costly Storage Space
Being every document available in the digital form, you do not need to allocate costly office space to store your physical documents and they can be stored at an inexpensive place once they are digitized. Moreover you can destroy the physical record of the periods older than what the statutory regulations require. In case of an event requiring the document, you can view them at on your screen or get its print-out in a few seconds.

Share Document easily (With security)
Multiple users can be benefited through a single copy of the document. The authorized users can view the document, print it or email it within no time. Since it is a web based software, you can access your document from anywhere around the globe. Its Workflow makes flow of the documents smooth, easy and saves precious time.



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